Monday, 3 August 2020

Yorkshire Day. The river Ure and Yorkshire Trout and Grayling

Yesterday was "Yorkshire Day"  .  A day to celebrate our County and its heritage and Beauty .   By coincidence I had planned a day of fishing .  To the river Ure in Wenslydale.  A more Yorkshire fishing destination is hard to imagine .  I had invited a friend along for the day .  Part of the fun of membership of Fly fishing clubs or syndicates is that it gives you the opportunity of sharing days with friends .  Apart from good company  on the day the cries of lapwings , curlews and the occasional buzzard overhead added to the scenery.  As for fishing conditions , well low water , bright sun and a cold downstream wind made fishing challenging .

We both were hoping for dry fly fishing but on the day the conditions told us"Nymph" . But after a bit of fruitless Nymphing in the faster runs I switched to a duo .My fist decent fish was a Grayling which came up and hammered the Klinkhammer.  After that we both pretty much reverted to dries occasionally casting to the sparse visible rising fish but mainly casting to likely lies and holding places .  here is my Guest for the day happily exploring the Skinny water 

My first few fish were dwarfed by a pretty average Cuban Cigar this was the first decent fish to show .   On a dry fly despite both of trying nymphs extensively all fish came of the top  despite there been very little evidence of rising fish .  It was a case of putting a fly where you thought a fish should be .

Apart from a couple of little wildies the other trout that showed up was this one and one a good bit bigger .  Pretty sure that despite the colours this was a stocked fish .  Pulled well though and was welcome on a pretty slow tough day. 

I suppose the winner on the day was Wenslydale . Tremendous scenery a beautiful river and the sounds of Curlews , lapwings and Oyster catchers , even a kingfisher put in an appearance.  On the day we sort of ended honours even I had six trout and two Grayling ,  my guest did the opposite with six grayling and 2 trout. He has a well deserved reputation of been able to sniff out a grayling in a puddle. 

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Chalk and Cheese

The title is an old saying popular in the English language and it refers to things which are totally different ,  It  also links the two places I have fished this week rather nicely .  Not having had any significant time of work since Christmas I decided this week to have three days of.  Wednesday I planned to fish the Ure .  A beautiful Yorkshire Dales river flowing through Wenslydale .  Interestingly Wenslydale is the only one of the Yorkshire Dales which is not named after the river that flows through it ,  it is named after the town that is shares its name with .  It also shares its name with a famous cheese , Wenslydale is a delightful crumbly pleasure recently made famous by that cartoon series Wallace and grommit.   The chalk half of the saying is relevant because of the delightful Chalk stream that I was invited to fish on during Friday .  The Yorkshire Wolds are a series of rolling chalk hills that are host to a few Spring fed streams of extraordinary clarity and richness ,  it was the Driffield West beck that a Friend invited me for a day ,  but first was the Ure this was one of the first areas we explored my companion is there exploring the faster water.

The river was at a reasonable summer level,  and was running that nice colour which can either be said to resemble cold tea or a fine Yorkshire beer depending on how you like to describe it.

For once this yours truly pictured mid stream and rather smartly photographed which would indicate that the casting style is somewhere near decent ,  Also perhaps confirming that photos can be very misleading .

The Ure is a largish freestone river famous for its trout and Grayling , it is one of the birthplaces of Spider ( Soft hackle ) fishing ,  It is also infamous for its ability to rise with terrifying speed should heavy rain fall at the head of the valley. On the day I shared the day with a good friend who made the journey over there at the same time ,  As far as the fishing went the least said the better the highlight of the day was in the end the scenery and the sound of curlews , My Companion had the better of it , My tally was a few small brownies most came in the last hour or two of a long day .  My companion had both a a decent trout and a nice Grayling as well as other bits ,  On Friday it was a different story the fish gods shone on me . aided by some canny guiding this was the result.

This next  picture gives an idea of both the size and the extraordinary clarity of the stream .

Fridays trip ending up being a totally different day ,  the day was blessed on a number of counts ,  the weather was kind , the Wolds streams can be a trifle windy ,  Or more accurately a gentle summers breeze down at sea level at my home can turn into a wind that bends trees over up on the wolds .  The fish were there in profusion and for a change Lady Luck was smiling on me .  But more importantly my host as well as being a damm fine angler is extremely knowledgable about the stream.   I was guided skilfully to where the hotspots were .  Fish of prodigious proportions were there to be seen .  Even accompanied by a native guide many were spooked .

My first five minutes casting was rubbish ,  well more rubbish than my usual casting is ,  but after that I improved from awful to passable and settled into the day .  In the end I managed a good few fish the best two were carefully weighed at 3lb 3 oz and 2lb 12oz. The 2lb 12 was a stunning fish but avoided the camera , after been carefully weighed in the net as I went to hold it up a last thrash of the tail sent it sailing back into the river .  ah well such is life.  It was in the end a stunning day finished of by the last half an hour trying to tempt some large resident chub and Grayling a in a large deep pool.  The late afternoon sunshine beating down on our back was the signal that the day was done .  A memorable day with great company.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

A little stream and Blue winged olives .

When it all comes down to it ,  as a fly fisherman who loves small streams I guess it does not get any better than a summers evening on a pretty stream with rising fish .  When you analyse it all there are really only a couple of months maybe three at best when the evening rise has a chance to develop properly .  This year apart from Covid lockdown we have had a strange year ,  months of unbroken sunshine which followed a very wet winter , then after the recent hot spell the last few days has seen heavy downpours with rivers rising several metres almost overnight .   Anyway last Friday after viewing the weekend weather report which was for thunderstorms starting that evening and getting worse over the weekend  I decided to risk the weather.  The rivers were fairly settled and it was very warm and sticky. I decided on stretch of river based on how near I could park my Jimny if I had to exit quickly in case of downpours. 

Not big but from a tricky lie and on a dry , it will do nicely 

 I love this stream pretty wild and challenging  but a lovely place to be .  It has a good head of fish to 

It was nice to see rising fish almost immediately ,  not huge numbers but enough to promise an interesting evening ,  there were BWO coming of and so choice of fly was easy .  A size 18 fly fly with a dubbed seals fur body.  Well seals fur and artificial dubbing , I find just seals fur a pain to dub on small flies.  but mixed with some artificial dubbing it works much better.

My only company were these sheep.  They were very curious .  

This is the F Fly pattern I use this is a size 18 .  Love the spikiness of seals fur.  Body dubbing colour varies orange , olive and black are all good depending on whats hatching ,  also plain black thread body and stripped quills ,  It is a hell of a pattern

After a dodgy first 10 minutes when I caught a tree and two clumps of Grass I got into my stride. the fish were rising well but were very spooky ,  generally you only got one cast and in the very tight surroundings you have to get pretty close often roll casts between bushes were the answer ,  but you tend to do a lot of improvised casts , also you seem to spend more time checking behind your arm than aiming at the fish ,  which is why roll and spey casts are so useful as least you can keep the line in front of you.

 Lots around this size were caught ,  The bigger ones were hiding .

My car was well populated with resting fish food when I got back to it .

The highlight of the evening was the fact that the Grayling were rising to dries to . Sadly the best one of the evening was the best one I nearly had after shaking the hook and saying goodbye.  When I got back to the car it was covered in Flies, Mainly BWO but also a few Sedges and I think Olive Uprights .  I drove home after best part of four hours fishing ,  saw a few rain drops and heard the odd rumble of thunder but very little wet stuff. Only three or four miles into my Journey and roads were awash so not just a good night it had been a lucky one .  

Monday, 8 June 2020

First trip of the Season on the River Seven..( and the third )...

This post is a bit late coming .  But its here now   I am fishing a new stream this year ,  the little Lower Yorkshire Seven.  I decided that I would spend opening day ( the post covid lock down one ) not the real one on the river . So on a cold day in mid may we ventured forth.  Myself and a companion to a very low stream on a very cold day .   Amazingly we did pretty well in the few hours fishing I finished with seven pretty little wild browns.

two from the first day ,  For those technical souls amongst you size 18 CDC IOBO was the winner on the day 

I followed the trip up a week later with a return visit .  The day was much brighter and warmer sadly the river was even lower but in the few hours managed a dozen fish .  Should have been more but missed a good few .  Mayfly were hatching but the fish were not really taking them.

The river is delightful , quiet unspoilt away from both crowds and dog walkers .  Interesting varied water with a suitable number of long flats. Short rapids and everything in between to require varied approaches ,  requiring at varying times either a machette or the wading skills of a ninja assassin.

The fish are pretty and up to a suitable size to put a bend in a two or three weight . little wildies can create quite a fuss when they realise they are hooked.  This was the best of the day..

In places the casting is a bit tight .  Not impossible I might add but tight enough to be interesting and keep you coming back . Yes  I am going to enjoy it here....No I didnt catch the one I was after .  Fluffed the roll cast and spooked the bugger...

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Normal Service restored ( well nearly )

So things are gradually returning to normal, or should I say things are settling into the new normal .   There is this new thing called Social Distancing . Well its new to some folk .  Personally have never been a lover of crowds and given that casting a fly on a secluded stream  is probably near  the polar opposite of being in a crowd . Anyway apart from that  given how Society normally works there are some pretty fundamental changes to how we live heading our way.  In a lot of ways not a bad thing I guess . 
 Anyway this last week or so has seen me get back to my local streams a couple of times ,  The streams are very very low . We have had no rain of any consequence now for several months .  But at last we are allowed out to play . The rivers although low are full of lovely free rising trout.  Even Grayling appear to be free rising at the moment . 

 I always feel immensely privileged when I fish my local streams . We still have several that are relatively unspoilt and no longer stocked .  Sadly there are still many clubs and syndicates that stock quite heavily. This impacts on both the Native Trout and also the Grayling . It is also becoming more apparent  that it impacts on peoples desire to fish them .  The club that I am Chairman of has seen a noticable change in what people are looking for. .Increasingly people are enquiring if the club waters are stocked or wild , with a preference for the latter .Also do they contain Grayling . I really believe that there are enough put and take fisheries stuffed with willing stockies and people are looking for something a bit different .  Quality over Quantity I suspect.

Anyway for now the sun is shining the rivers are buzzing the Mayfly are starting to hatch and I have a trip planned for the weekend to one of the Classic Dales rivers. So for now all is well with the world .

Well a little bit of a late addendum .  The weekend trip to the Dales didnt happen due to the ultra low water levels there . Also hearing some bad reports of the area been overun by visitors .  So as the Mayfly were starting to do there stuff and the local streams are always quiet it was another weekend spent locally.   So the pictures below are all from a couple of trips on another local stream. 

Just to confirm what I said about the Grayling I was surprised to catch this on a dry fly the other day . Out of season as well. The fish was lifted very briefly from the stream and I could not resist a photo and to briefly reflect on what a beautiful fish they are .  Interestingly on both these local streams the Grayling grow to a better size than the native browns do. 

In places the fishing is very tight . Roll casts and short rods are the name of the Game .

The fish are small but free rising and fight harder than there size would have you expect.

On this stream and those like it this is may favourite outfit .  A very light 7ft 3 wt . 

The lack of any rain for many months have left the streams very low ...

And left them very clear.....

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Things to do in lockdown....Detention and Six of the best

Well readers I guess being locked down or whatever it is you are calling it is making the hunt for something to read more intense than usual so i hope you enjoy , or if you have never fished in your life and you may found your way onto this fishing blog after seeing the picture below why not have a read. 

So who would have thought it eh... Everyone confined to our rooms. Its a bit like detention used to be at boarding school.  Not that I ever had detention of course but my friends did tell me that the most frustrating part was the hearing other people outside enjoying themselves when you were doing your time.  I guess its the same now . I must confess I have been caned a good few times although sadly not by anyone remotely resembling the lady below.

A few days ago my wife and I were taking a walk along the promenade , yes we do live close enough to the sea to be able to walk along there without being Out of Bounds , to use another school analogy.  Watching a group of surfers ignore the rules made my own obedience to the rules a little harder to bear.  But I guess most people are trying their best.

As for the lock down I have tried to be sensible over the fishing related activities I have tried to do.  Fly tying : I can honestly say my fly boxes have never been so well organised and well stocked .  I have even had a crack at a few salmon flies .  The internet is a wonderful thing bringing fly tying tutorials into your house , take a bow Mr Davie Mcphail your artistry and gentle narrative is a inspiration to fat fingered muppets like me.  Also credit to that excellent blog "Just one Week" one that I have followed for years but only recently taken the time to read much of the content.  It was also my intention to review my blog and update its format but that task has bitten the dust. I confess I have bought one new rod.  After producing an excel based Gap analysis of my fishing gear during a period of even more intense boredom,  I spotted an opportunity to do some shopping so another rod from those lovely guys at Vision was added to the armoury , oh yes and a Danielson reel. But that is a story for later.

I have over the last few weeks been reviewing tidying and checking on the various rod staches hidden around the house. What has become painfully  apparent to me is that despite having a few dozen rods . The reality is that for 95% of my fishing I use just half a dozen different ones .  That is despite fishing in a wide selection of rivers from the tiniest becks  to big strong Yorkshire Dales rivers. These six are not all recent purchases some I have had for many years ,  they are a result of a careful and expensive process of buying and then discarding duds and great rods that just didnt suit.  So here they are to use another school time analogy my six of the best I recommend all of them they all suit me perfectly in their own way .

So and in no real particular order as they are all perfect in their own way but I think I will start with the rod I have had the longest.

Sage SP 9ft 6 inch 7 wt .  Not sure how long I have had this , I bought it used twenty or so years ago. It seemed expensive at the time but such a delight to use ,  for me the finest rod for sea trout that god , well in this case Sage has ever created ,  it is not a fast casting rod but when you have a feisty sea trout on the end of your line and you are fishing a tight pool.  No 7wt rod I have ever had performs better ,  it casts delightfully and can bully when required. Perfect in every way.

Chas Burns built the Rye ,  This is a Harrison blank built by Chas, a fine rod builder and a very nice guy. It is a 2 pce 8ft 4 wt .  It is an "old School" action ,  When I say that I mean it is a fine fishing rod ,  Working well at short or long range ,  It has that indefineable quality that makes it just right ,  His rods are rated very highly by those lucky folks that possess them, they are of real quality. This one is a Gem.

R L Winston B2T 8ft 3wt . Now I see all the hype over the B2T 8ft6" 4wt "staff of Moses" and also the 8ft 4wt B2T ,  but in my opinion this is the real jewel in the lineup.  Just to confirm I have owned the 8ft and 8ft 6" 4 wts had them for quite a while,  They were both moved on . In favour of the Chas Burns above ,  The 8ft 3wt however is simply silky smooth perfection .  On small streams for casting dries , this rod will place them on a silver sixpence as softly as a angels kiss .  It is that good I think I will have it put in my coffin with me .

Hardy Featherweight 7ft 3 wt . Generally not a great Fan of hardy rods ,  bought a few and got rid of them to.  But this one they got just right ,  In the hand this is one of the lightest rods I have and on small streams where things are tight it is a lovely rod .  Complete with all the little touches that I confess Hardy do very well.  The little cork stoppers for the Ferrule and even a bag to keep the rod tube in.

Vision Cult . Vision are relative newcomers to me but I now have a few of their rods and their Cult range has a lot of fans ,  9ft 3 wt is an unusual length and weight but is one that suits so well on many local streams ,  This is a quite a soft rod but when I fish it I wonder why I would want anything different ,  Superb for Winter Grayling .

Newest of my Favourites is an Orvis Superfine Carbon 8ft 2 wt ,  Fishing 2 wts is something I am doing more and more .  When the summer Droughts are there and the fish are spooky and picky this little 2 wt will deliver a midge pattern superbly ,  It also constantly suprises me just how well it casts . I am quite a fan of Orvis stuff owning several rods and many reels . I cant help but feel that much of there stuff is every but as good as the Sages , Scotts and Winstons of this world but the label is not quite glitzy enough for many .

If I do the six next year it may change a little ,  Last year I bought a 10ft 2wt from Tom Bell at Sunray .I have not yet fished it enough for it to make it into my top six list .  But Cant remember the last time a new rod surprised me quite as much .  Anyway I am hoping that I manage to stay out of trouble during the enforced lockdown and I hope you all do to.  

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

If Only

This lock down is no Joke , Although I am fortunate that the Countryside and the Sea are both within a stroll from home.  I have huge sympathy for those in the cites , although I have to say that even in the best of times I could not be a city dweller. This was the view whilst out for  my allotted hour today .  A Glorious Spring day where the sunshine managed to warm you when you were out of the breeze, This is the view down the valley to the sea . There is a few hundred metres of fascinating pocket water to explore which I  have fished many many times ,  Sadly not by me for a little whilst yet 

The pool under the Gorse bushes is a lovely little spot, When the hawthorns are hatching or the stone flies are on there are usually rising fish 

Just a couple of hundred metres upstream is this long pool below  there are usually a few larger fish holding there .  Its a beautiful place with abundant wildlife .  I shared the Pool with a deer not so long ago .  

When  you turn around through 180 degrees this is the view , In my younger days I sea fished and caught cod from the marks on those rock scars . It is a lovely bit of coastline , I have many fond memories of it .  From rock pooling as a kid and fishing in the winter , To searching for the dinosaur footprints that appear from the cliff rocks once in a while . I have fished there with my Dad and my Grandad sadly now both departed ,.

Heading back up stream and inland today the sheltered places are showing further traces of spring , Primroses are out ,  The Gorse and Blackthorn are in full bloom .  The toads are spawning in the beck , the birds are singing .  But the anglers are not fishing .  

There was even a rising fish,  I watched this Pool for quite a while today ,  There was a few midges and a couple of upwings in the air at lunchtime and I am sure I saw a rise on the edge of the faster water .  I do hope so as I didnt otherwise see a sign of a fish.  I know they are there , I have known and fished this place for many years ,   the fish are waiting and so am I ....Whats the old expression Parting is such sweet Sorrow.... Or as Arnie said I`ll be back....

Sunday, 22 March 2020

My first and best fishing buddy

I lost my Dad yesterday.  He was 91 years old and he had a good life . There was no defining illness at the end. Old age gradually just wore him down . However those simple words do nothing to describe him.  He was an honourable gentle man a good Dad and Grandad that I only felt I really got to know in the last few years of his life .   Truth is he and Mum were totally wrapped up in each other most of their lives. Sadly we lost Mum a few years ago. But since she passed away I have spent a lot more time with Dad and seen a different side of him .  Mum was lovely but  a bit of a prude, I knew Dad had a well hidden wicked rude sense of humour but have seen a lot more of it lately.  I guess what with me sent to boarding school age 11 then after school starting work I missed those teenage years with him . Marrying and kids then meant our lives naturally drifted apart. I think truth is like most people we both have faults but as you get older those faults don`t seem to matter anymore . These last few years has allowed me to connect with him again .  Seeing him every few days has made us closer.

He passed away with incredible dignity three weeks from the first call to get to his bedside.  On that first call our arrival at his bedside prompted a smile from him and a brief conversation and some surprise from his carers at his sudden recovery. There have been several calls to his bedside since and one evening I held his hand with the transparent skin every tendon and bone visible ,  but under my fingers the rock steady pulse told its own story.  One Day I was told there wasnt even time to go home first .  Dad left us just over a day later .He certainly wasn`t going to rush of.

 In life he taught me many lessons , I confess I didnt always listen but at the end of his life  he taught me a final one, that is not to be afraid of death he passed away without a complaint. I spent many hours with him through those last 21 days his only worry was for his family and wanting constant assurance that everyone was ok.  He knew he was dying we talked about it and when my time comes I hope I deal with it as well.  I missed the chance to see my Mum at the end I was half way up the motorway when my wife rang me and told me not to rush .  Sadly at the time when the call came I was hundreds of miles away .  Spending time at the end with Dad has given me a real sense of closure that was missing with Mum

He was my early fishing friend and mentor . Dads take their kids fishing that is how it should be. The sight of him bringing a fish home is my earliest memory and the spark that lit my lifetime passion .  He started me fishing and we went together often but like all kids  not as often as i would have liked.  Dad was a coarse angler and his favourite fish were the Roach and the Grayling.  We fished together often many years ago and it was on a stretch of a local river I watched him catch beautiful fish and teach me the same. He was a fine angler trotting a float with skill and delicacy .   He was also passionate about the well being of the fish and how they should be treated with respect ,  it is a lesson I hope I still remember every time I fish . 

Another lesson i could do with learning from him is that tackle doesn`t make an angler , patience , application and thinking tend to be much more productive .  A lesson that applies to many things .He told me he got his Millwards Featherlight match rod and Rapidex reel in his early twenties that would make them 70 years old , it was the only rod I saw him fish with. When I look at all the rods , reels and other stuff I have I am a little embarressed  the rod and reel are now amongst my most treasured possessions ,  next winter on his birthday I will take that rod and reel and go and catch a Grayling on it , I cant think of a better way to remember him .  Thanks Dad..

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Fly fishing In North Yorkshire and Dating agencies, a bit of a conundrum ?

Through my Blog One of the questions I get asked the most is, how do I get into a river fishing club?  Now obviously my area is North Yorkshire but the internet chatter I hear is that there are a lot of folks  all over the UK with a similar problem there are also a lot of clubs with the same problem which is ;  They are short of members but are very wary of open advertising as they don’t want to attract the wrong sort .  That "wrong sort " phrase sounds bloody awful to be truthful ,  but I would hope we know what it means I am in several clubs and they are a bit like an extended family days by a river are precious and I guess like myself you get a bit miffed if you meet someone fishing who is behaving in a way that pisses you of .  For me its ill manners, and that ultimate sin of jumping in the river in front of me.

A friend goes positively ape shit when he finds discarded litter and waste line.  Others hate hearing mobile phones.  People generally are strange and let’s be honest keen river fly anglers tend to be at the end of the normal spectrum anyway.   The situation was highlighted to me even more this year .  I left a pretty expensive club and looked around and was surprised that getting into a couple of others that a few years ago were pretty much closed shops was fairly easy.  Now I know through fishing and the blog I have a pretty good network of connections but yet there is still a load of people looking for clubs and clubs looking for people .  

Fishing clubs are just like people, some are once met you never want to be apart. Others are well let’s say relationships just run their course and others well best they really don’t get going at all.  
Truth is I do have the contact details for most of the Clubs around here and get many random emails asking if I can provide contact details for clubs other than the ones on my Web page. Trouble is those on my web page are the ones in the public domain. It is pretty Much like the dating game really isn’t it. Lots of people wanting to get into a relationship with clubs and lots of clubs wanting their patronage but they struggle to get together.  True there are clubs with waiting lists , by and large these seem to be split into two groups There are the clubs that offer angling that is so good that people will pay whatever to get  in, yes they are still there I am on the waiting list for one .  I expect to be on it a long time.  I recently joined one club after a near 9 year wait on the list.   Not expensive but wonderful.   Then in the middle there is a whole raft of clubs, associations and syndicates that offer decent fishing and at a price varying from reasonable value to eye wateringly expensive.  It is those at the expensive end that are particularly struggling, People now want decent value and many clubs just don`t offer it unless the member can fish the club water 20 or 30 times a year which for many is pretty unlikely.   But even for them I am sure there are people out there 

But if there is a fishing club out there that would like me to add their details on to the Fishing page then don’t be shy.  It gets a lot of hits your advert may be the start of a beautiful relationship with Mr or Mrs Right .  Some clubs really need to try something different there are many good fly fishing clubs out there and there are still many people wanting to be in them.  But despite the Interweb people are not connecting .  I just reviewed the stats for the blog and it had 53 hits in the last few days for people searching for fly fishing in the North Yorks Area.  A lump of them are potential members of clubs.  

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Way forward

After being prodded into life by the Urban Fly fishier blog  I have awakened from my winter lethargy.  So, what about this Blog? Over the last few years the blogosphere of active fly fishing blogs has collapsed, Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp with their effortless use and instant gratification have taken over . Particularly with those who can’t be bothered to try and write or even read something decent. 

So, you will see some changes this year, I have some ideas I want to try and I guess the proof will be if I am still here blogging this time next year. I guess all things change and after all Blogging is social media .  So i just need to sharpen my act up.  

As for me well It’s been an interesting Winter which has prompted some change, Realisation of my growing intolerance of inappropriate stocking has led to my resigning from a local fly fishing club.  Well I think I have resigned as to date I have not had the courtesy of even an email acknowledgement. Truth is it was an expensive place to fish and its closeness and convenience made it a more attractive proposition than the quality of fishing deserved. I have some sympathy like many clubs it is trapped in the difficult position of expensive rents and falling membership.  Anyway after a poor summer and an abysmal winter Grayling fishing, With way to many stockies  putting in an appearance Ive had enough ...

So next year I hope I will see more like this :

and none like this when I am Grayling fishing ...

Next season I will be making more use of the various small streams and Dales rivers  that I am so fortunate to have access to, Streams that to some extent I under fished as I felt I should go to the club I paid so much for.  It was for sure a bit of a curate’s egg. But In the end it was still a difficult decision I have been a member for a number of years and it offered reasonable but not great fishing very close at hand. 

So watch this space Becks and Brown Trout is just having a bit of a rethink.....One thought I  have had is that a guy mentioned to me that he would love to write a blog and he had a great idea for a post but doubt he could think of anything else ... So if you are that person send something in I think its time I had a guest post or two .  Or any other bloggers out there want to spread the word to a new audience send me your words lets share the love ( of Fishing  ) . Any Pike or Bass fishing experts fancy writing something ?.  Would love to hear from you A pike on the fly is on this years bucket list...

Friday, 3 January 2020

Gone Fishing

Well its 2020 ...  Not sure I will get used to saying that , It does not sound like a proper date . Anyway not sure what I am going to do with the blog,,  So its just going to have a rest for a while .  So here are a few pictures to look at if you find yourself on the page by intent or accident..  Might be back in a couple of weeks and it may be a couple of years ,,,,,,

Tight lines everyone .  and a happy new year ,,,,,