Sunday 14 January 2018

A charity shop style day

Well thats me of the mark for 2018,  at long last the rain had stopped long enough for the rivers to settle a little and allow me a crack at some grayling.   I don’t much like fishing at this time of year , apart from the cold and the general gloom it is invariably fishing weighted nymphs for deep lying grayling .  A method which isn’t my favourite.  Now I know that a lunchtime rise is always a possibility, and there is a chance of a rising fish well the books say it works like that  .  Can’t say it often happened in January for me .

Anyway venturing forth the river looked in spanking form and it has at last cleared. Can’t say I was in spanking form . I was told by the one fellow member fishing when he saw me he said I was looking like a charity shop bundle that had gone fishing .  Harsh words coming from the Simms breathable clad figure .  I examined my attire working from the top down,  a imitation fur hat with yogi bear style ears cut a racy look .  My aging wading jacket which was struggling manfully to contain the multiple layers of pullovers atop my thermals .  All set of by my trusty ocean  pvc chest waders .  I gave up on neoprenes years ago , as on a couple of past occasions I came close to full cardiac arrest trying to get out of my previous pair.    The oceans are what you would call a comfy fit. With sufficient room around the rear to give a passable imitation of an elderly African elephant.  Anyway perhaps not the most stylish outfit but very practical.

As my  style critic strode of down the bank I entered the water in the only way that was proper . Sliding gracefully down the muddy bank on my arse .  A manoeuvre that is possible with indestructible PVC wrapped around you.The waters coldness hidden from my legs by the long socks , long johns , thermal suit and pvc .  The day was clear , crisp and the water at a good level. Apart from my style critic I shared the river with good numbers of dippers and one heron that flapped noisily away as I approached .  As for the fishing In the end my tally was two to hand and one released at distance and another couple scared . In the end a fine way to start the new year,  just not the most stylish.

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