Tuesday 10 October 2017

So where in America should I pick

This year I have managed to scratch a couple of itches that have troubled me over the years. Not least wading the flats for bonefish , certainly those few days in Cuba were the highlight of the year.  But there a few real irritations that remain ....

Itch number one are brook trout, I have always been mesmerised by the sheer beauty of those and would love catch one , on a dry in a small stream would be best . 

Itch number 2 is the Arctic Grayling I love grayling fishing and they are becoming a severe irritation as I get older the Arctic species look bigger more fiesty and just so damn pretty.

Itch number 3 is a surprising one for me as in the UK we have rainbow trout here but they always seem like a pale imitation of the ones I see pictured in their native rivers. 

So blog readers if you are from that big place over the pond ( America / Canada ) is there a single destination I should consider where the above trio could be captured????


Becks and Brown trout

Constable Wallop Brook

 I picked this rod up at the Grayling Society Auction at the last Symposium. What a cracking little rod !!! . I am getting increasingly fond...