Monday, 14 June 2021

Mayfly on a small Yorkshire stream .

 Its been a miserable long cold spring.  There has been to much rain then not enough rain then it was cold again .  But the last couple of weeks warm weather has arrived and right on time the mayfly have started to appear.  Up in Yorkshire the Mayfly generally appear in the first two weeks of June..  No massive hatches yet but on Friday evening for a couple of hours there was a proper hatch that switched the fish on ,  a Sunday afternoon visit with my Son was good with a few duns about to keep the fish interested.  This is a lovely little stream that has a good number of decent fish it is all wild fishing and all the better for it.. The pictures tell their own is fantastic fun on a 7ft 3wt rod.  

A lot of the fishing here is close quarters combat style fishing ,  Roll casts are a must.I picked up a lovely fish just of centre where the bubble line is on the far side. kneeling down and a roll cast of only perhaps 20ft after a careful shuffle into position.  

There are some very nice fish in here and they know where the snags are 

A lot of the river has combinations of gravel bottom and plenty of soft silt as well the mayfly nymphs love that 

Thhis was a very pretty fish the camera really doesn`t do it justice..

I extracted one fish from in there...

Here it is....

and on the menu tonight was....