Thursday 17 August 2017

Rumours of my death....and old love affairs

It was Mark Twain who coined the quote "rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated  "  Or something along those lines . However someone commenting to me that the owner of "Becks and Brown trout" must have died as he had been quiet so long .  A comment which spurred me to to put the metaphorical pen to paper and I can confirm that the rumours are just that and whilst not been in extreme rude health I have sufficient faculties remaining to spend whatever time I have free on the river bank.  Which is actually the reason for the sparseness of activity .  Work , family illness and the stresses of life have contrived to restrict my fishing activity this year.

 However there have been highlights the wet summer has kept the small streams in fine fettle .  So a few excursions among the overgrown upper reaches have resulted in some very good days . These are all short rod territory and this year I have had the added distraction of trying a short glass rod by echo .  Bought basically as new from someone who could not get along with it .  Must say I was impressed , very cane like and very easy going with a short line .  However this then inspired me to rake out one of my long time favourite rods . A Hardy featherweight 7ft 3wt , a rod I bought new about ten years ago and one that I had foolishly lost touch with but a trip with it was like a chance encounter with a long lost love.  Speaking metaphorically of course.

This year I have also invested in membership of another syndicate for sea trout and salmon one which one would also describe as "posh" .  Wasn't sure how I would take to it tbh but it was an itch I just had to scratch.  Despite been a bit reticent to part with a substantial membership fee.  Remember after all the writer is a typical Yorkshire man,short arms and deep pockets .  A shaky start on the river was due in part to my stupidity but of late I have felt as though I will enjoy a long and fruitful partnership with it.  Helped of course by catching a few.  The water suits spinning which is something that I am not particularly fond of or particularly good at but after a few small sea trout the one above was the first decent one.   However I will be focusing on the fly fishing as i get to know it.   This new water has also encouraged me to start up another old relationship , again a rod I bought years ago for the sea trout and one that I have now brought out of retirement.   A Sage SP 9ft 6" 7 wt..  Fishing it again has reminded me just how sweet a thing it is.   There are a few old friends in their tubes in my rod corner that haven't seen the light of day for a few years.  I wonder if I am to old to have multiple infidelities...

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