Wednesday 30 January 2013

50000 and counting

Was just answering a comment on here and noticed page views just passing 50000.  From the look of the stats it was a visitor from Doncaster.  So thanks to him or her and to all the people who read my ramblings. Strange thing this blogging . I never thought when I started it so many people would read it and from so many  places.

Anyway who and wherever you all are thanks.....


Tuesday 29 January 2013

A dogs life.....

I reckon most who read this from the UK will relate to this.  Apologies from those of you from the nice warm places in the world  whom I know read these ramblings.   This winter has been wet , cold and downright miserable.  The couple of fishing trips I have managed since the end of the trout season did little to fend of the encroaching shack nasties.  Trips to the river are largely  ltd to walking the dog.  I have even struggled to get the invertebrate monitoring done.  Something that at least gives me chance to have a paddle about in a stream. When I have been able to do it I have now got a new trainee. She is getting the hang of it but its slow work.

She thinks I am a bit of a tart bothering with waders and thermals she thinks you should just get in and go for it...

I reckon I should learn from her though it doesnt matter what the weather is doing or what else is going on nothing meets just messing about in the river....

Sunday 6 January 2013

At last a fishable stream... ( just)

I am not going to say this loudly but over the last week the rain has not stopped but it has eased.  In fact the local beck has dropped to a decent fishable level for the first time in two months.  This is the only reason I need to get out on the bank for the first time since October....Today was about inspecting the river and even maybe have a chance of a grayling .  First was a trip to a section where I do my kick sampling to see what the floods have done to the gravel..

The gravel has moved about a bit . But more worrying was the bank erosion higher upstream caused by the floods. There used to be a footpath here on the bank top.  There was an extra three feet of water powering down here for some weeks I am surprised the damage isnt worse,.

Although still carrying colour I hoped to find an odd grayling ,  The section holds a few but they are isolated and not easy to find .  I intend to get the trotting gear out in the next month there is a section of river that despite many attempts I cant get near with the fly rod.  I am convinced it may hold a decent shoal of fish.

Today I didnt find any Grayling only more evidence of bankside erosion.   I do wonder how much the balsam infestation is helping this happen.  

On the day a few of these little fellows showed up and were quickly released .  So no Grayling but my it was good to get out and have a wade about .  It seems like an age since I cast a line .  It was just what I needed.  
Roll on the start of the Trout season. At least this has got the new year rolling.  Tight lines to you all.  

Wednesday 2 January 2013

New Year prayer and resolutions...

Right then in the Spring I prayed for rain and we ended up with the wettest summer on record... So now I am praying for a year of good fishing , I am not greedy not after British records maybe the odd PB ....Lets see how that prayer is answered.

Resolutions well....I intend to fish more and make more of an effort for Sea trout and Salmon on  the rivers of North Yorkshire I also want to try a few rivers that I have never fished.  The Wharfe, Eden , Clyde and Annan to name a few.....Oh yes and to continue to improve my tying which can be best described as functional.


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