Sunday, 6 January 2013

At last a fishable stream... ( just)

I am not going to say this loudly but over the last week the rain has not stopped but it has eased.  In fact the local beck has dropped to a decent fishable level for the first time in two months.  This is the only reason I need to get out on the bank for the first time since October....Today was about inspecting the river and even maybe have a chance of a grayling .  First was a trip to a section where I do my kick sampling to see what the floods have done to the gravel..

The gravel has moved about a bit . But more worrying was the bank erosion higher upstream caused by the floods. There used to be a footpath here on the bank top.  There was an extra three feet of water powering down here for some weeks I am surprised the damage isnt worse,.

Although still carrying colour I hoped to find an odd grayling ,  The section holds a few but they are isolated and not easy to find .  I intend to get the trotting gear out in the next month there is a section of river that despite many attempts I cant get near with the fly rod.  I am convinced it may hold a decent shoal of fish.

Today I didnt find any Grayling only more evidence of bankside erosion.   I do wonder how much the balsam infestation is helping this happen.  

On the day a few of these little fellows showed up and were quickly released .  So no Grayling but my it was good to get out and have a wade about .  It seems like an age since I cast a line .  It was just what I needed.  
Roll on the start of the Trout season. At least this has got the new year rolling.  Tight lines to you all.  


MarkW said...

Pretty brown there Andy ! Best wishes in 2013

dorchfisher said...

Lovely to see the 'Beck' again after not fishing it since leaving town. I was a member for 2 years and loved to fish it. I used to work for SEA LIFE and got the 'Ball rolling' to donate the money for the fish pass. I had a look a few weeks ago when i was back in town - Great job! i'd live to fish it again. I'm now in Dorset - have a look at my blog if u get chance 'Adventures with a Salmon rod' If i'm up in the season i'll get in touch about a day ticket.



Becks and Brown Trout said...

Paul get in touch when you are coming next.