Wednesday 31 January 2024

Shack Nasties and Muggles


Monday 8th January 

I had a walk from the office this lunch time.  Grey Skies , Northerly wind coming straight in over the North Sea , pretty depressing weather really ,  I had to drive to Newcastle and back on Sunday the North Moors looked cold bleak and desolate , Standing water everywhere on back roads mud everywhere after it has washed out of the fields . The Weather was well grey and it rained.  I haven`t fly fished for more than a month.  All in all a pretty miserable state of affairs ,  We have another month to tolerate before we start to notice the days started to lengthen. However there is already just a chink of hopefulness coming .  I have already received and paid my first fishing club renewal for this year.  I have received emails from clubs regarding upcoming meetings and functions.  So perhaps the sun has not risen on the new season yet but I feel it is just below the horizon .  I have started to re fill the fly boxes and have sorted out the boxes from last year.  There will be no new waters this year,  Although my intended part time working in a month or two will mean I can just make better use of the fishing I have . Also being semi retired will allow me to live up to the "miserable old twat" identity that I quite fancy  

Sunday 28th January 

As the rivers have been pretty consistently bank high for the last couple of months I have yet to get fly fishing this year .  I don`t seem to have got on as well with fly tying as I should have .  I have managed a couple of trips with a trotting rod and some bait for the Grayling .  It has presented a bit of a relief from the otherwise complete abstinence .  I have tried to do the trotting with a bit of style and in keeping with the manner in which my late Father would have done . Bamboo Rod and proper centre pin.  It would have been his Birthday on the 6th Feb and this coming weekend if the river is fit I will take his Millwards featherlight and Rapidex reel out for a fish .  Before he died he said I should sell them my reply was no pops every year on your birthday I will take it on a river .  

30th Jan Its the evening and I am feeling hopeful now about the seasons changing . 

I am becoming very protective of fishing time and particularly  the solitude that it brings.  I say solitude as I often get asked, "don`t I get lonely spending all them hours alone"?.  Truth is I have always enjoyed solitude but many people seem unable to identify  that loneliness and solitude are quite different . I am finding that I am actively protecting my time in the river . There is something quite satisfying in standing fishing and starting to have an animated conversation with yourself when you see approaching folks who you fear may try and engage you in light hearted conversation .  Other anglers are ok they appreciate that giving each other space is an important part of the game,  None fishing folk or Muggles as a few mates and I have christened them are oblivious to it and happily stand on the opposite bank and point at the bow waving fish speeding away .  Greeting you with "had any luck mate " or "Hope my dog didn`t disturb you" ?.   As a four stone Labrador  careers along the stream in front of you . The dogs I don`t mind its the people I am starting to struggle with.  February is when preparations get going .  I have fly boxes to fill . I am treasurer at a local club and the accounts are to do and then prepare myself for the battle of getting folks to pay on time .  I have Meetings to look forward to I may even put the silk lines back on the reels ,  I am planning my annual trip to the BFFI in February but am determined to keep my wallet closed I am just looking .  It will be good to catch up with friends there though. See you in February .

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