Tuesday, 31 March 2020

If Only

This lock down is no Joke , Although I am fortunate that the Countryside and the Sea are both within a stroll from home.  I have huge sympathy for those in the cites , although I have to say that even in the best of times I could not be a city dweller. This was the view whilst out for  my allotted hour today .  A Glorious Spring day where the sunshine managed to warm you when you were out of the breeze, This is the view down the valley to the sea . There is a few hundred metres of fascinating pocket water to explore which I  have fished many many times ,  Sadly not by me for a little whilst yet 

The pool under the Gorse bushes is a lovely little spot, When the hawthorns are hatching or the stone flies are on there are usually rising fish 

Just a couple of hundred metres upstream is this long pool below  there are usually a few larger fish holding there .  Its a beautiful place with abundant wildlife .  I shared the Pool with a deer not so long ago .  

When  you turn around through 180 degrees this is the view , In my younger days I sea fished and caught cod from the marks on those rock scars . It is a lovely bit of coastline , I have many fond memories of it .  From rock pooling as a kid and fishing in the winter , To searching for the dinosaur footprints that appear from the cliff rocks once in a while . I have fished there with my Dad and my Grandad sadly now both departed ,.

Heading back up stream and inland today the sheltered places are showing further traces of spring , Primroses are out ,  The Gorse and Blackthorn are in full bloom .  The toads are spawning in the beck , the birds are singing .  But the anglers are not fishing .  

There was even a rising fish,  I watched this Pool for quite a while today ,  There was a few midges and a couple of upwings in the air at lunchtime and I am sure I saw a rise on the edge of the faster water .  I do hope so as I didnt otherwise see a sign of a fish.  I know they are there , I have known and fished this place for many years ,   the fish are waiting and so am I ....Whats the old expression Parting is such sweet Sorrow.... Or as Arnie said I`ll be back....

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The Two Terriers said...

Beautiful stretch of coast. The waterfall reminds me of Saltburn Bech and the other stretch near Mulgrave, Sands End or Stoupe beck. Can't remember the name of the place. Thanks for the photographs. Stay safe. John