Monday, 10 October 2011

End of season blues.

This year I am determined to avoid these.  I am one of those  individuals that really suffer at this time of year .  I truly beleive that there is something in the SAD syndrome theory.  Personally I find the whole back end of the year difficult to deal with.  The combination of  the rivers been shut for trout , the dark mornings and long nights conspire to reduce my energy levels and general enthusiasm. 

This year I will organise myself and not let the malaise grip me.  There will be more weekend grayling fishing . My fly tying will be organised and has already started with a plan to refill all the boxes before the spring and not leave it to a week before the start of the new season.

I have joined the fly dressers guild and will be making a real effort to tie flies that dont look well chewed even before they have been. 

I also have a plan B , Plan B consists of visiting a commercial stillwater if the depression gets to much. I am just not sure I could handle catching stumpy finned rainbows. So will try and find a suitable venue...



Kiwi said...

Keep your chin up! There are a lot of us here that are now going or about to go through the same thing. Fly tying, reading about fly tying or new waters to fish help to keep me "sane" during this period. No matter how long winter always ends.

e.m.b. said...

I was starting to get depressed last night, thinking about the high lakes that are freezing over...and leaving me to wait another 8 months. Sigh. Fly bench is already a mess. Must get on that first. ;) Like Kiwi said, there's a lot of us in your same boat...and we'll get through the winter!

Android said...

Grayling fishing mate, guaranteed to put a smile on your face (though you may freeze your whatnots off!)


Becks and Brown Trout said...


You know cold waether doesnt put me of, lets just hope our planned trip in November doesnt get hit by the weather again this year..


Witham Piscator said...

Know just what you mean, but likewise I've got to organise some flytying sessions, but what to tie, so many patterns.

Matthew Eastham said...

Oh I know all about that! It usually kicks in around Christmas with which point I tend to lace up the hiking boots and head into the hills.

Nice post,

penbayman said...

I feel your pain, man.