Saturday, 15 October 2011

Invertebrate Monitoring

I recently attended a days invertebrate monitoring workshop run by the riverfly partnership.  It was an excellent day and increased both my knowledge and awareness of what lives in the river.  It was well run and informative it was also highly enjoyable,  thanks to Stuart Croft the gent who ran the day.

The practical part of the day was great fun.  Now I have an excuse for turning over the odd rock and having a poke about in the river. It was fascinating and all sorts turned up in the trays.

The Anglers monitoring initiative enables anglers to monitor their own rivers in an organised and effective way.  It allows them to keep a constant and valuable check on the health of their own river.  Allowing any changes in the population of  invertebrates to be monitored. 

If you wish to add to your own knowledge and enjoyment of the rivers you fish and know more about the  fly and nymphs in the waters and also in the process be able to help in some way in their protection I can totally recommend it.

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Tom Ham said...

very neat! i think i'll look into it. neat post.