Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mixed fortunes Some Trout and a few Grayling

Its been a while since my last post July is a month of mixed feelings and due to my desire to get out fishing as often as possible and a busy time at work and at home my blog has got badly neglected.  July saw plenty of fishing for me.  In fact I think I visited nearly all the rivers I fish. Its been a month of very low waters when the better visits followed straight on the heels of any rain that we had.  Or visits were at the very end of the day when the fish were moving into the faster shallow riffles where oxygen levels were a little higher.  Fly hatches have been very meagre at odds with this time last year.  The stone flies and Olives are the only flies that have put in much of an appearance

There have been plenty of wild browns to be caught this year,  the stocked fish seem to have cleared of into the depths of the deep pools.  Where they have been safe from me as I have fished dries pretty much exclusively apart from a couple of trips where I flirted briefly with spiders.  But the faster deep runs were so short of water the fish had slunk of downstream into the deeper slower runs.  I do fish Nymphs but not often not  because of any dry fly snobbery but I just find something intensely satisying about seeing that rise and take.  Saying that I need to improve my river nymphing skills and especially czech nymphing for the ladies.

I have caught many bonny fish this last  month from all the rivers .  The only thing thats now missing for the year is a sea trout. The local river has been deadly low and any storms seemed to have missed its tiny catchment. We want a few days of rain now. and plenty of it.

One this is certain there is a healthy population of trout at the moment evrything from adults to parr seems to want to be in on the act.

The last month have seen the grayling moving into the faster waters and taking the Klinkhammer with eagerness.  I havent connected with anything decent yet but there are lots of fish there.  I love the grayling I think they are my favourite fish .

I have been experimenting this year fishing the duo after watching it put to effective use one day.  So I have been tying some klinks with a foam post impressive results so far.  The foam post seems to make em damn near unsinkable, and the right colour makes them nice  and visible in the fatser water.

Even the tiniest of Grayling have been taking the dries this month.  I am hoping that the next few months brings me some of their older relatives..

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