Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What you can do in 90 minutes

In an earlier post I referred to losing a good fish in a pool on the local beck, Well it has been in the back of my mind that the fish may still be in that pool.  So the other evening after cutting the lawn and the hedge I spied a window of opportunity I had a little over an hour before the roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. So with some careful clock watching of I went.  It took 6 minutes to don the thigh waders and grab rod reel and waistcoat, 8 more minutes saw me down to near the beck and car locked. a couple more minutes and a quick pause to admire the view down to the beck. 

A Few more and I am back at the tail of the pool,  First surprise there has been another land slip and the pool has changed again,  The deepest section has been reduced and the cast to the best part has been made more awkward,  

 Anyway time was advancing it was now over 25 mins gone and not even put up the rod, Despite the pool changes a size 14 PTN was attached and worked around the deepest section.  After exploring the area with no response decided to try for some small fish that were rising further up the pool in the shallow areas under the trees, 

I didnt have a clue what the fish were rising to there was no apparant hatch in progress .  So in as much as the klink has become my early and late season general fly , The CDC F fly has joined my list of must have patterns and on it went,  Tied on a size 16.  First cast a rise and a miss , Followed by many more rises and misses.  Now normally I would have changed fly but time was not on my side. So instead I moved to the head of the pool to the  faster water Perhaps this would result in a hook up.

 By now I could almost smell the roast beef and knew I couldnt afford many more casts.  A glance at the watch revealed an hour gone.  Then at last a take . But not the speciman I had hoped for.  Now some anglers I know would have resented this diminutive trouts appearance, but I was glad to see him and one day we may be reaquainted when hes a pound or two bigger,  The return journey to the car seemed to take longer, perhaps my legs didnt really want to return that quickly.  As I took a last glance down into the valley I noticed the rise of a good fish in a pool I would normally pass by quickly ,  So note to myself to pay it more attention next time. 

The return drive was quick arriving in the drive and noticing the smell of dinner as I walked in the kitchen I was greeted with wash your hands and sit down.  A glance at the watch revealed elapsed time 91 minutes.  The dinner was excellent to....


Baslowfisher said...

Did your casting suffer as a result of rushing? I know mine does in similar circumstances!
Nice post

Becks and Brown Trout said...

Nope it doesnt suffer , Usually my fishing doesnt require long casting anyway. It requires the ability to cast under bushes and around rocks whilst sitting , kneeling and balancing on one leg..