Saturday, 23 April 2011

Soon be time for these. The Mayfly

I tied some of these up last night I got the size 12s and 14s done. Its good to know that the Mayfly will be hatching soon..and if this settled weather stays then we wont have long to wait.  I hope that the hatch is on a par with last year. This simple pattern has worked really well for me over the years and is pretty unsinkable,,

I tie them in size 14, 12 and 10 the size 14 can at times work very well although they are smaller than the actual insect. I need to tie some size 10s  then some mayfly nymphs. and maybe a few klinkhammer style emergers,

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Ure

Monday was a day on holiday. I am enjoying the novelty of fishing the Ure and the local becks are suffering from a severe lack of rain.  March around here was the driest for 50 years and the streams are down to mid summer levels.  The drive over to the river was quieter due to avoiding the weekend.  On arrival the river had dropped another foot since the previous week and was clear but cold.  The Grannom were hatching in greater numbers but activity on the surface was ltd. 

At times the river and weather  had a July feel to it , Not what you expect on a mid April day.I started on the dry fly putting a grannom through likely runs and also trying a klinkhammer.  Eventually I had wasted to long and decided that a Nymph in the deeper glides was next tactic,

The result was pretty much instantaneous Several fish coming from the deep glides under the bushes on the little green arsed nymphs I had tied up. However that tactice worked on some of the deep slower glides but I couldnt get it work on the faster water.
The rivers down a long way from the winter normal levels. But the bankside greenary is really building up. It is a lovely river to fish and such a change from normal haunts.

After lunch I had moved to the top section of the river , The water changes its character again here, At last there were some rising fish,  They were obviousley small but rising freely to some olives,  Eventually after changing to a size 16 olive klink. The guilty parties were unveiled as small grayling. I didnt want to catch any more out of season so that fish closed the day...

Sunday, 17 April 2011

First Hatch of the season

Tomorrow is my birthday, an event in itself that these days isnt celebrated. However it gives one the excuse to indulge yourself.  My indulgence is a day of work and a day by the river.  The river will be the Ure and the hope is the Grannom hatch that was starting a week or more ago is starting to bear fruit.  I have tied some drys as John Roberts excellent book a guide to river trout flies as these have worked for me during previous seasons. I have also tied up some Nymphs based on a couple of flies that were given to me a few years ago. Well based upon my memories of the flies as the originals have long gone.  Basically a gold head PT with a green arse or at least thats how my memory sees it, and the memory worked well enough last year , 

Anyway the weather forecast is good, the river levels are perfect and the hopes are high. So I shall be hoping that the warm weather of the last week has persuaded the fish that the summer is coming and that they need to start to feed...