Friday 30 December 2022

Month by Month Highlights

 January was a slow start

February was gloomy 

March no fishing fly tying , walks and work parties 

April season start but no trout only grayling 

May my favourite month 

Flaming June 

July low rivers 

August not much fishing 

September trout season closes 

October , Grayling starts 

November more grayling 

December much needed rain and then it bit more foreign sun….. but just had the word that next year I will be fishing a new Yorkshire chalk stream…..
 Happy new year everyone 


Justin said...

2022 was a funny old year. Weather patterns do seem to be getting rather extreme. Any guest tickets at your new Yorkshire chalkstream? :-) I enjoyed reading your blog this year, thanks for the effort and upkeep. All the very best in 2023.

Bill Trussell said...

This post makes me wish for Spring-----thanks for sharing

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