Monday 28 March 2022

New trout season, Grayling and Covid

 There is something very special about the first day of the trout season and on this years opening day we had 16 degrees C and bright sunshine. Normally opening day in Yorkshire is barely above freezing,  windy and a day for tossing the leaded nymphs about .  On Saturday I decided it was dries or bust 
So looking at the conditions low clear water and sunshine I decided it was time for my little 6ft 2 wt ...

fishing here is about short rods delicate casts into pools and runs the size of dining table

This little fella is one two or three rods I fish here  I have always been a fan of the Orvis superfine touch the gentle action suits the small streams that I fish superbly.  This one was an ebay used bargain some time ago.   I think when i bought it it was completely unused.  

On the day the weather was very still . but when its windy it is very exposed.  I often bring two rods with me to cover the bases.  The other rod which on the day got no use.  Is an original Sage LL 7ft 3 4 wt ,  A lovely old fashioned medium action rod.

There was plenty of evidence of the effect of the early spring mild weather .  Bumble bees , butterflies and nesting birds were all in evidence .  This old lass and her two lambs stayed still long enough for a photo unlike the bees and butterflies .

Strangely today the Brown trout were absent , The Grayling which are now out of season.  were taking dries with abandon .  Although the only flies on the water were tiny midges ,  There was many risers each cast I hoped for a trout but each time disappointed . Tiny black dubbed f fly worked ever so well. Even tiny nymphs cast to trouty spots brought Grayling.   

No grip and grin shots today , The fish are out of season and I like to slip the hook out in the water , Just one quick snap before I released it.  Ridiculous really if I had been fishing for Grayling I would have had a great day I had 9 whilst trying to avoid them...

Anyway fishing is bolloxed now for a week or so.   I suppose it was only a matter of time....

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