Friday, 11 March 2022

Anticipation new season approaching


It wont be long now I keep telling myself ,  as of today it is 14 days to the new trout fishing season .  I put the rods down finally a few weeks ago  As the high wind and rain put paid to the end of the Grayling fishing ,  So for the last few weeks my time looks like this.  

  1. Cleaned and lubed all my reels and fly lines .The silk lines were taken of the reels last September so soon its time to treat and put them back on the reels. 
  2. Rods have been checked over 
  3. Attention given  to the fly boxes ,  I am always mystified on how perfectly ordered fly boxes at the start of the season can end up looking like our dustbin after a fox has been in it.  
The biggest battle for me has been avoiding convincing myself that I need another rod to a potential gap in the collection.

Anyway as the new season is nearly upon us its time my blog cover photo was a trout again.  So here is a new cover and another fond memory.  the one in this post was from another favourite river the Ure. The one on the cover was from the Rye a few years back on a stretch of river I will be fishing again this season.  Two weeks left till the new season and this weekend my first work party.   I must admit to being excited . 

lets hope for a good season.  So tight lines all...


Alistair said...

Hi Andy

Yes not long to go now........

I need to get my rods stripped down & checked over - three have been in regular use and set up ready to go pretty much since last October! Reals lubed, rods checked and eyes/guides cleaned from a winter fishing coloured streams. Fly boxes need to be given the once over, re-organised and there will probably be a mad dash to fill any apparent gaps. So much to do and so little time (2022 trout season has snuck up on me!).

Work is very busy at the moment with projects starting and new tenders needing submission, but I have had the 22nd & 23rd March booked since New Years day - with a note to my boss that this is the start of the trout season and I will stood in a river waking a stick!

Good luck for the start of the season, take car & stay safe


Becks and Brown Trout said...


Yes it is nearly time.. I spent Sunday morning on a work party lots of work to do. Two years of neglect due to covid absence means lots to do. but 7 of us made a good start on Sunday .