Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Way forward

After being prodded into life by the Urban Fly fishier blog  I have awakened from my winter lethargy.  So, what about this Blog? Over the last few years the blogosphere of active fly fishing blogs has collapsed, Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp with their effortless use and instant gratification have taken over . Particularly with those who can’t be bothered to try and write or even read something decent. 

So, you will see some changes this year, I have some ideas I want to try and I guess the proof will be if I am still here blogging this time next year. I guess all things change and after all Blogging is social media .  So i just need to sharpen my act up.  

As for me well It’s been an interesting Winter which has prompted some change, Realisation of my growing intolerance of inappropriate stocking has led to my resigning from a local fly fishing club.  Well I think I have resigned as to date I have not had the courtesy of even an email acknowledgement. Truth is it was an expensive place to fish and its closeness and convenience made it a more attractive proposition than the quality of fishing deserved. I have some sympathy like many clubs it is trapped in the difficult position of expensive rents and falling membership.  Anyway after a poor summer and an abysmal winter Grayling fishing, With way to many stockies  putting in an appearance Ive had enough ...

So next year I hope I will see more like this :

and none like this when I am Grayling fishing ...

Next season I will be making more use of the various small streams and Dales rivers  that I am so fortunate to have access to, Streams that to some extent I under fished as I felt I should go to the club I paid so much for.  It was for sure a bit of a curate’s egg. But In the end it was still a difficult decision I have been a member for a number of years and it offered reasonable but not great fishing very close at hand. 

So watch this space Becks and Brown Trout is just having a bit of a rethink.....One thought I  have had is that a guy mentioned to me that he would love to write a blog and he had a great idea for a post but doubt he could think of anything else ... So if you are that person send something in I think its time I had a guest post or two .  Or any other bloggers out there want to spread the word to a new audience send me your words lets share the love ( of Fishing  ) . Any Pike or Bass fishing experts fancy writing something ?.  Would love to hear from you A pike on the fly is on this years bucket list...


Unknown said...

I look forward to your future Blogs. I thoroughly agree about stocked trout, particularly rainbows & I left the same club this year for the same reasons.

Bill Trussell said...

I can relate to everything you've written. Interesting post or loyal followers could be the reason a couple of blogs I follow succeed. My blog is not what it use to be, mainly because I don't post as much as I use to.
Thanks for reminding us all that the blog world is still out there---thanks for sharing

Baslowfisher said...

I can relate to this, I am also guilty of not updating my blog but that was just that I have not been fishing since last June due to family illness etc. but hopefully come 1st April things will be better.I always enjoy reading your blog and I have you in my 'favourites' section of my blog too.
Looking forward to see what changes you come up with.
Keep blogging!