Thursday, 21 May 2015

May on a yorkshire stream..

The last couple of days have seen a bit of an increase in temperature so a late afternoon early evening trip to my local river Dove was on the cards and despite The EA doing some heavy tidying up to the stream which seemed on my first visit this year to have really damaged the fishing things seemed a lot better .  I did suffer with fish not sticking and the ratio of fish in the hands to those missed was about six to one.  Which even by my standards is pretty poor. But these two show that those in the stream are a beautiful fish.

This post wont have many words but hopefully the pictures will convey the afternoon.

Wonderful late afternoon light , vibrant colours . Clear water and abundant fly life . 

This trout was taken on a hawthorn fly .  On the day other successful flies were black gnats, IOBO humpy and a size 22 little black job .  Fish didnt seem to be switched on to anything in particular but everything in general .


Anonymous said...

The pictures do indeed speak a thousand words! A question on that hook-up ratio: What hook gape are you working with? I am fast forming an opinion that many of the klinkhammer hooks I am fishing with are contributing to my poor hook-ups, but I may be wrong.

Becks and Brown Trout said...

TB I cant comment of Klink hooks because I rarely use them. I think that it was just one of those days ..