Sunday, 9 March 2014

Nearly there,

As I walked the dog this morning there was a real sense that spring really is in the air.  Soon the hawthorn flies will be crash landing in the rivers.  The LDOs will hatching in decent numbers and I will be back out after the trout.   This year I will be fishing the Yorkshire Derwent again after rejoining after a 15 year break.  Also I will have a new fascination and challenge a river of both type and location I have never fished. Watch this space.

Recent kick samples show my streams are in good health and the sight of a solitary rising fish when sampling one stream yesterday quickened my senses.  Leaves are starting to unfurl and the frogs are active in my pond. Yes spring that was just around the corner is now coming into sight.....

For all you lovers of the northern streams the Wild trout trust auction is up and running and I can particularly recommend  the day on the Yorkshire Dove at Keldholme.....


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