Sunday 15 December 2013

Autumn highlights...

Well with only a few days to go before the winter solstice and the official start of Winter it seems a good time to look back on the Autumn. From my fishing perspective  Autumn takes in October and November and December seems like a winter month to me.  Whereas I think of March as the start of spring fishing and yet the calender says the 21st of March is the first day of Spring.  Anyway that's just me I digress

As usual in Autumn the fishing trips have been few and far between.  Work commitments haven't helped and neither has the weather .   Anyway odd hours at the tying bench and the occasional grayling trip have been beneficial.   I have even had chance to explore a tiny bit of the Yorkshire Derwent.  My new working arrangements have convinced me that rejoining was a smart move as the river is within 15 minutes of my door and will give lots of opportunities for short and long trips.

Had one trip to the Derwent and winkled out a few small grayling but perhaps the highlight of the day and award of best cute dog goes to the little cocker who was wrapped in towels and buried under a pile of clothing in the car boot.  She belongs to a fellow member and friend who was enjoying drowning worms in pursuit of the grayling.  Sorry about the shocking picture but hadnt realised the lens had a orrible great smudge on it..

Anyway Saturday I had an invite form a friend to fish one of the wolds chalk streams where he assured me grayling heaven awaited me.   It was a good day with a few fish, good crack and even the wolds " breeze" managed to hold of till the afternoon.  None of the real monsters decided to play but I had one lovely fish a couple  of ounces below that magical two pound mark and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Couldnt believe how low the river was though....

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Mark Kautz said...

We'll take it, even if it's not quite two pounds.