Monday, 25 March 2013

False dawn....

So the day came and went.  That special day the first day of the trout season, the day that I have never missed for many years passed without a line being wet or a cast been formed.  Work pressures have meant that even weekend working  has become the norm and the chance of taking the day of work vanished weeks ago.

The only thing that has softened the blow is the weather, biting easterly winds of the North Sea which sits just half a mile from me is giving us another blast of ice which is extending this never ending winter. River levels are as up and down as the waves these easterlies are bringing.

As I look toward the weekend the forecast does not fill me with optimism .  Lots of negative figures and the  few high numbers relate to wind speed.  But floods and blizzards allowing, this weekend  I will be fishing. Ever hopeful in the knowledge these Northern becks can fish well early season, the fish are small but tough, ever hungry on the meagre stone fed diet .

So, in theory at least the fishing season is back the warm days and gentle evenings full of rising fish are close again .  This false dawn will soon turn into summer days .  bring it on.......


Matthew Eastham said...

"But floods and blizzards allowing, this weekend I will be fishing."

Yep, I agree with you Andy. This time next week we'll probably both be lamenting what a shit start to the season we've had!

Good luck!


The Jassid Man said...

I can fully understand your frustration. It seems that we here in Sweden will loose quite a bit of the best fly fishing time of the year. Most of the spring it seems. The time when the chance to play really big trout (between 20 and 30 inches) that has stayed in the holes of the rivers after spawning. Purely catch and release naturally but it's a true adventure just to play such a trout, take it to hand and gently release it. Well at least the sun is shining today so maybe there will be somewhat of a spring this year after all. Thanks for sharing and lets hope for some tight lines soon.

Greetings from a cold Sweden,
Mats Olsson