Sunday, 22 July 2012

Back in the river at last ...

Today was the first time for three weeks I have been able to go fishing.  Rain, high rivers and a foot that has been somewhat burnt..have kept me away from the rivers for what seems an eternity . Today was a day to get stood in a river and wave a stick.  A day to relish being out and enjoy some strangely seasonal sunshine. Although it was pretty breezy it hasnt rained for at least a couple of days.  But to be honest just been able to get some boots on again and chase some rising fish was all the medicine I needed. Jewels like the fish below cure damn near anything.

The Dove has been a saviour for me this season recovering quickly after rain and fishing well every time I visit it a truly  lovely river,  today there was very little hatching but the breeze and surrounding fields inspired me to start with a daddy long legs pattern , it was an inspired choice and successful from the start.  This little run yielded up two fish.

The fish are not large this is fishing in lilliput land,  A 12" Trout is a good one and the grayling are perhaps a little larger.  The fish are all wild and dont give themselves up .  They will take freely but do not tolerate heavy footfalls or a splashy cast.

After years of flirting with the short at 7ft and even ultra short 6ft and even a 5ft , I have decided that 7ft 6" is the shortest rod I ever need to employ,  It is for me the perfect combination of being short enough to get under just about anything whilst being just long enough to be able to combat drag and have some use in holding line of the water.  Its been a long haul getting there and many rods have come and gone but I think I am happy now.  

The Grayling were up for playing today I think they are truly the most beautiful of fish they were certainly in the mood for feeding they to had a taste for the daddies,  I ended the day with six of these all perfect .
 The day has been a real pleasure, no big fish no great challenges probably 20 fish some small and some really small but all welcome.  Furthermore I felt I earned every one and paid them due respect by returning them safely.


Matthew Eastham said...

"Jewels like the fish below cure damn near anything".

Well said! Glad to hear the foot is recovering. Have to admit I had a chuckle at that one - no offense!


Anonymous said...

I too fish narrow overgrown streams, often carriers off the main river. Similarly over the years, I've been flirting with short rods in the jungly conditions. My chosen rod,6'-6" #3wt, perfect, until one day I hooked a 20" lunker where it was very narrow, and boy did I quickly suddenly realise that a longer rod is needed to quickly subdue a big fish. Still on the same rod though.

Unknown said...

Pleased your on the mend, nice fish and enough rain maybe??

Anonymous said...

Really happy I found your site again as I have always really enjoyed your writings! Great posts as always and the fish are beautiful.

Unknown said...

A small wild trout trumps a large pellet-head any day in my angling book. What handsome brown trout.

The Tenkara Ambassador

Carp Fishing said...

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