Friday 31 December 2010

New (Fishing )Years Eve

Well here we are again.  Another year has gone.  Its always been said that Britain doesnt have a climate it just has weather. Well if this year is anything to go by we now have a climate ,  Long dry summer and a very cold winter.

The dry summer suits me, in the spring the smaller becks warm up quickly and fish beautifully and then as the levels in them gos down the valley bottom rivers get a settled summer and fish well through the into the autumn. 

The only thing that did badly suffer was our local beck . It has a very ltd catchment and soon suffers in dry years, also the sea trout dont run the beck unless there is a good spate for a few days and some years like this one  they hardly make an appearance at all. 
The grayling fishing has suffered this year despite a promising start.  The Autumn descended into severe cold and ocassional spates far to quickly. So either the rivers were out of sorts or the roads were damn near impassible. 

However on balance its been a good year there have been no memorable fish in terms of size.  But the fish seem to get prettier as I get older.  Some of the little wildies I have caught this year had colours like a handful of precious stones.

As for resolutions well I dont usually go in for them.  But for a few years I have considered one and am determined this year to do it,  I want to walk and fish one of the becks / rivers I fish from its very source as a trickle on the moors top down to the point it joins the main river Derwent in the valley bottom.

Generally I shall try to improve my skills and get out fishing more . That big Grayling has eluded me this year lets hope that next year it doesnt,

Thanks for reading my Blog this year I hope that you continue to read and enjoy......


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Woz Andrew said...

Cracking read and photos Andy, keep it up! I look forward to your next blog post!

Regards... Woz