Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tiny Streams and Brown Trout

One of my Favourite places...

A north yorkshire beck...

On the edge of a forest there is a delightful beck It is largely spring fed and has wonderful water clarity. It is home to some of the prettiest wild brownies that live. However they try hard to hide themselves away under the undercut banks and fallen trees.
The beck rises from the edge of the Yorkshire moors and is very lightly fished due mainly to the wild overgrown habitat.Fishing here is angling in miniature a 6ft Rod and short leaders on a 3wt line tiny flies and quick reactions . No backcast ever so catapult casts dapping and some casts not even named . Flies are in the water seconds, tiny pools and runs and horrendous snags make for challenging fishing.

A pretty little brownie

Thornton dale beck
There are some bends and glides that are almost
normal pools that you can have a cast at but the water so clear and the fish are so spooky that Just getting into position is a trial. Then you get one chance only with maybe one back cast The routine seems to be a roll a haul and the cast .

Occasionly when I get lucky and everything works as it should I get a result, If I fish here for another year or two I reckon I wont have to tie any more flies as just about every bush has a stock of mine . Every visit I learn a little more, where the fish hide, how do I get into position to make a cast at the pool by the fallen beech tree.

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