Thursday, 8 July 2010

Close to home Fishing Scalby Beck

I am fortunate that I have a delightful small beck within walking distance of the house its not the best trout stream in the world, hell its not even the best trout stream around here, but it is neglected as a trout stream and early morning and late evening I can enjoy an hour or so of good fishing, small wildies that test your reactions....

When the rains come and the water levels lift enough the Sea Trout can run the stream. I have always been fascinated by Sea Trout reading Falkus increased the mystique even more. For several seasons I was a member of clubs on the Weir and the Tyne, but whenever the river levels were right for the fish my work and family meant it wasnt right for me....

The beck may only be right for sea trout on a few days a year but I if its right I can be there in minutes.

Its a home for Otters and Wild Orchids. The river valley is a playground for local kids as its just on the edge of town but early morning and
late evenings it is full of wildlife,

A trout stream in spring time

In the spring the valley is full of the smell of the wild garlic which thrives in the damp surroundings.

In the summer when the rain doesnt come the stream shrinks to its bones , The Otters and Kingfishers ambush the fish when they are confined to the remaining pools

The Fish are small but perfect with the full perfect fins and deep orange spots that sets the true wild fish apart.

A perfect river brown trout
The stream also supports shoals of minnows and Grayling , Chub and Perch although these are in tiny isolated pockets .

The fishing here is challenging at times demanding but always fun .

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