Saturday, 29 March 2014

First trout of the season

After a seemingly endless winter today was my first opportunity to get to my local beck.  The day was cold the beck was running a little high and well coloured from recent rain but I was determined that the season was starting today.   I would have liked to have started the season with a fish caught on the dry but although a few olives were hatching not one rising fish was seen.   I took to searching the dubs and eddies with a small red bead head PTN.   After 30 minutes prospecting likely lies that first stabbing take started my season.  The fish was small and not the most pristine fish I have ever caught but if ever a fish was welcome then this was it….

I had a couple more but after an hour and a half fishing I decided to call it a day.  I mean to make the most of the summer with lots of new fishing to explore I am hoping it will be a good one..