Saturday, 13 April 2013

Size really doesn`t matter

Well ladies and Gents let me introduce you to a very special fish.  After nearly 7 months of gales, floods , snow and freezing temperatures loosely described as the 2012/ 13 close season  this leviathan was my first brown trout of the 2013 season.  Magnificent ? perhaps not .  But oh was I glad to catch it.  A brief hatch of Olives persuaded it to rise. In fact I was less than sure that it was a trout.  I was half expecting yet another grayling. But for all its diminutive size a trout has not looked as good for a long time. As although a couple of bigger trout followed this one as we men are constantly told size really doesnt matter and today it certainly didnt matter to me.

However with next week forecasting gales and floods it seems things will once again go on hold for a few days .  But soon the first real hatches will arrive: hawthorns will blunder about and crash land in the river. The grannom will be making there ungainly flights. Surely the warmer days are close now we can only wait and see.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Rising fish......

Sunday was the first day the temperature reached the dizzy heights of double figures,  10 deg to be precise .  I had the opportunity to escape to the local stream.  So with the hope of rising fish I ventured forth.The river is still in its winter guise.  There is no sign of green other than the snowdrops and the first shoots of wild garlic.
As I walked through the farmyard the bleating of sheep and lambs reminded me it is spring. The sheep are all in the process of lambing and have been brought in to the sheds for protection.  Whilst chatting to the farmer and his wife they thought it was the latest spring in living memory. Everything was at least a month behind. 

For two or three hours over lunchtime it felt like a spring day should feel.  Entering the stream the sunshine was just doing enough to persuade trickles of Olives to emerge and come sailing down.  I was enjoying the feel of sunshine when I spotted the first rise.  The next two hours brought seven fish to surface flies  all out of season grayling though.  All released quickly.   Not one trout put in an appearance .  Every time I spotted a rising fish I hoped that the culprit would be a brownie but as yet they are still laying doggo. 

It was great to see hatching flies. It was wonderful to cast at rising fish in sunshine and to feel the bend of a rod and the pulse of a fish.  At last I feel the season is underway all I need is for the brownies to wake up and join in...