Sunday, 16 May 2021

Could Spring be here ?

It’s been a long time coming but I think spring is here, today the fish were small but rising more freely . 

The trees are turning green again.

The fish are starting to oblige us by looking up and the flies are starting to hatch . Hawthorn flies we’re about but the fish weren’t interested. 

Even if some are very small they were fun on a three weight cane rod .  

The last few days rain has turned the wild garlic green again, this bank of it was dry and wilting a week ago . 

The smell in the air today was wonderful  . 

I followed a roe buck up the river today caught sight of it eventually and he saw me , my they are fast. 

I love this river , so varied, rocky and fast at times then slow glides ,

The fish generally today were the smaller ones the larger ones  , of which there are many were mainly laying low .  I suppose  I could have found some bigger fish with a nymph but I was relishing seeing rising fish . 

Now I am Looking forward to many more warmer days . 



Bill Trussell said...

Beautiful river with some awesome-looking places for trout to feed and hide. It's always a plus when you can take trout on the rise. Congrats on a successful day! thanks for sharing
P.S. What was the length of the cane pole?

Becks and Brown Trout said...

Hi Bill

yes it is a beautiful stream, unusually for this country not stocked at all. The rod I used was a seven foot 4 wt , It is much more enclosed in places I generally use something between 8 and 9 feet on there ,