Wednesday 24 February 2021

Reasons to be cheerful..

 So here we are 2021 a year that has a lot of responsibility.  In so much as everyone is relying on  it to drag us all out of this pit.  2020 was by all standards pretty miserable .  I think it turned out pretty much like everyone imagined 2001 would be , remember all the doom and forecasts around what the millenium bug was going to do ?.  in the end everything was fine.  Well 20 years on Covid showed us how bad a year can be.   

Anyway , reasons to be cheerful well for me there are a few . Vaccination is going well in the UK , My family have so far stayed clear of it. But more importantly last year my daughter showed an every increasing interest in going fly fishing with me something that I am hoping will continue this year.  So far the signs of enthusiasm are there . Also my middle Son who returns from a year working in South Korea in a couple of weeks and as of last week is now a member of one of my favourite fishing clubs ,  So there is the splendid thought that this year I can share days and evenings fishing on one of my favourite rivers with two of my kids this year . The river fished wonderfully last year with some superb small stream Brown Trout and Grayling ,  I just hope that the winter floods haven`t done to much damage ,  

This is the Stream in question it isnt a large river but I consider it to be just about perfect. lets hope the year brings more fish and more bent rods...for all of us...I just need to get them both some casting tuition. I can watch not that I need to you understand....

In Many years fishing there  I have never caught a stocked fish .  It has the prettiest brown trout 

It is a fairly small stream despite being called a river ,  but there are plenty of fish 

perhaps more importantly it has plenty of these in it ... So fishing throughout the year is always available 

Here is number 2 Son in action on a different river ,
Even in dead low summer conditions it always fishes..

Come on 2021 do your stuff,,,,,,


The Two Terriers said...

Great post to see on a grey Norfolk day! Stay safe, John

Bill Trussell said...

Absolute gorgeous colors on that brown trout----yes late 2021 should be free of the Covid---tight lines for sure!!

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