Thursday 21 June 2018

Fathers Day

Fathers day this year was pretty good.   Lunch was the last of the frozen sea trout from last year . Herbs , lemon and capers with just a touch of white wine....( Dont take many but do kill a very few every year ) 

Then after lunch down to the local river .  The mayfly were still about together with decent numbers of various different olives. 
Lots of small wildies came to hand from the shallow riffles where the broken water was well oxygenated 

Had three from this little pool .  When I arrived there was a kingfisher on that fallen tree.  It just screams Trout doesnt it 

Our little wild brownies are perfect and put up a great scrap on the three weight . I had  not used this rod for ages ,  I think I had forgotten how much I love fishing it .
R L Winston B2T 8ft 3 wt .  Perfect for small streams . 

I love these small Yorkshire streams , so picturesque so peaceful...Great day....


Brk Trt said...

Man that sea trout looks so good. I'll bet there were no leftovers.

The browns are perfect examples of small stream wild trout.
Were they taken on the cdc caddis?

Bill Trussell said...

Gorgeous stream, healthy looking meal and the perfect combo to land those color browns--what else could you ask for when fly fishing. Thanks for sharing

The Two Terriers said...

Wonderful pictures, made me feel homesick for North Yorkshire. Lovely. All the best, John

cofisher said...

Several days late and a dollar short, but what beautiful water! Happy Father's Day!