Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy new year

Thanks to all you readers who keep coming back for more of my rambling ,  Apologies also for the lack of anything at all in the run up to Christmas,  I had a few thoughts on something but that will come in the next month or two .  Christmas this year taught me that having the flu is completely different to all those things that people glibly announce like I had a touch of the flu or I have had man flu.  No having the flu for the first time in my 50 plus years is like having all your joints cased in concrete  and then being run over by a truck.  This truck parks on top of you for a week making you unable to move without shivering or sweating .  I  suppose losing half a stone in a week can help with my usual get fitter New Years resolution .  Anyway one book that I had a copy of years ago was put on my wife's hints list and appeared on my sick bed on Christmas morning .  On the few occasion I could be bothered I have been reading it,  the simple fact and logic based approach makes for  a stunning read


Apologies for the poor pic an iPad whilst in bed is not the best recipe for quality,   As for the book buy it , borrow or steal it will be a revelation .  


Ben Lupton said...

It's on my want list, I received Peter Hayes' Fishing outside the box this Christmas. Hope you have a great season Andy.

Urban Fly Fisher said...

Wish I had got that book for Christmas - all I got was annoyed at the state of fishing blogs - check out

You are mentioned!

Mark Kautz said...

Get better soon. The flu this year is ugly even if you've had a flu shot. Did you?

Hippo said...

You're in your fifties and you've never had flu before? Blimey!

I have to admit, I prefer malaria to flu. With malaria you feel like shit, pop the pills, feel OK gain. With flu it is three weeks of misery. Plenty of hot toddies, that's my advice.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Are you sure you are a Yorkshireman Andy? Moaning about a little dose of the flu is rather wimpish in my humble opinion. With a name like Andrew you could easily be Scottish and isn't St Andrew is the patron saint of man flu?

(PS - Written with Yorkshire tongue stuffed firmly in cheek so please don't froth in protest!)