Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wheres the water gone...

Over the last few days I became ware of major construction works on our local beck.  Now not only do I fish on it and serve on the club committee.  I do the invertebrate monitoring on it for the river fly partnership. I even walk the dog by its banks on almost a daily basis.  I also make my living in the same industry as a freelance estimator. So you could definitely say I have an interest in what was going on.  So donning my hard hat hi vis and wellies I called in for a chat .  It was all positives really.  Well set up site , proper induction , a foreman that knew his job.

I liked how the scheme was organised the damming of the higher weir avoided the need for over pumping and expensive sheet piling or the like. As in a lot of things a low tech solution is usually best.

I it was also good to find some guys on site from a ecological outfit rescuing the native crayfish and moving trapped fish to below the bottom weir. It was very good to see the numbers of crayfish that they were finding  too.  There were also eels and lamprey been rescued and moved.

The works are to repair the weir at the bottom of the pool.  Part of the weir is to be rebuilt and part pressure grouted .  Grouting in water courses is a risky business but after seeing their set up I have confidence that all will be well. I will keep having a poke about though.  Not a fishing post I know but its nice to have a positive experience when works like that are carried out on something important to you.

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