Friday, 4 February 2011

First trip of the year blew away the cobwebs.

The cabin fever finally got to me today I found myself with the chance to go fishing for a couple of hours and even though the weather was ropey I was determined to get out there.The forecast was for more wet and stormy weather on the way.  So I decided to go,  I grabbed a 9ft 5wt,  my jacket,pulled on the waders grabbed my box with grayling flies and was  on the bank in less than 10 minutes.  Now the first thing that became apparent was that the wind seemed a hell of a lot stronger now I was down by the beck than it did in the garden.  In fact I was only fishing for a few minutes when there was a big crash as a rotten tree crashed to the floor taking several smaller ones with it. 

This stretch of beck runs west to east and the wind was funneling downstream and seemed to be getting stronger by the second...The swim I was fishing was getting bombarded by twigs and branches  and at times waves were lapping against me like on the beach a mile away.

The wind drove me downstream it was now getting difficult to cast and getting the leader to turnover even with a heavy nymph was impossible.  This stretch of beck holds quite a few grayling and a few chub which provide a welcome winter distraction when the trout are out of season.

So I went downstream to a stretch that should have been a litte more sheltered.  The extent of damage to the banks in this section is a worry The bank below used to have a 4ft wide path level with the base of the bushes now there was a virtually nothing left. All that has been caused by this winters spates.

These little fellows made me smile, first ones I have seen this year and where making the most of a sheltered sunny spot. Even though it was blowing a gale I couldnt help but come away with a smile knowing spring is coming.

About 50yds downstream you can see a nice pool opposite the trees on the left bank.  I fished pretty much every square yard of it with the nymphs but nothing at all stirred.  If I was fishing a strange water I would swear the river was empty but on the beck I know the fish are there there just holding fast and watching me struggle. So first trip of the year ended with not a sniff of a fish. But there will be more trips and in a couple of months we will have the new trout season and warmer weather , bring it on....



Looks like a nice little water hole to visit...glad you got out! And best part of winter crowds!

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Unknown said...

Seeing the flowers was worth the trip out. Spring really is right around the corner! -stephanie

penbayman said...

Good to see that there is some spring life blooming..still a bit away for us..but there's hope!