Monday, 6 September 2010

A Ring of Bright Water

Have just returned from a week in Scotland and I am still in shock of having 7days of warm sunny weather. The place was beautiful the scenery stunning the food to die for. This was the view from our window every morning I still cant decide if the the full sunlight was best Or If the early morning mist took the prize…

The surrounding area was certainly beautiful and apparently was used extensively in the Film version or Gavin Maxwells “A ring of bright water “. The cottage we could see across the water was used as his house. Every day were able to watch seals and eagles in the sea loch below us. It is a stunning area, one that I intend to revisit time and again.

My ever faithful dog decided that she was responsible for guarding the family during our vacation. This is a role that she takes on board every time we are away from home. Here she is on Duty,  She didnt like the hooded crows if one appeared in the garden she went berserk,,,

Sadly the little spate river was down to its bones and although I gave it a good shot fishing into the dark to see if any sea trout were sulking in the deeper pools. What the river really needed was rain but sadly at least for me the rains didnt come .  Every day that past saw the river drop lower. By the middle of the week it was clear that if fish were to be caught then they werent going to be caught here.

By the end of the week the only catches from the river were a few parr that somehow managed to engulf the dropper fly….

Luckily as well as the river the House comes with loch fishing so the fishing wasn’t a complete disaster , more to follow:

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