Fly Fishing in North Yorkshire

Day ticket Fly fishing for Trout in the vale of York North Yorkshire , From the North York Moors to the Yorkshire wolds From Scarborough to the Dales....

There are regular requests for day ticket and even free fishing opportunities for river fly fishing for trout and grayling  in the Vale of York . It is a popular holiday destination but river trout fishing opportunities are ltd. . Information on stillwater trout fishing is easily found on the net so I am not going to list it.  I have tried to list only up to date and personally tested information.  The net is full of so called directories of fishing opportunities. Most of the web sites I have visited for around here are full of hopelessly out of date information or stuff thats just plain wrong. But please check availability in plenty of time before travelling . The information here is offered and is to the best of my knowledge correct but you never know......

Local River fishing clubs 

Scalby beck angling club 

day tickets link below and membership details on same site. 

The Yorkshire Derwent 

There is a link to the club website here ,  the club do have vacancies for membership.  In my opinion the fishing is over priced.

Pickering fishery Association 

An excellent club with varied waters membership is open .

Fishing Guide and instruction

Also anyone looking for a Fly Fishing Guide or Instruction in the area should look no further than Stuart Minnekin.  Stuart tolerated my casting and was a great instructor and good company when he gave me a days instruction and guiding on the Ure recently to try and get my Nymphing skills something like.

Day Ticket opportunities : 

I have lived around here all my life and here are a few nuggets of information that may well help to improve your holidays :  I have endeavoured to give you a realistic assesment of these opportunities although many more are listed on the last link given I feel that the ones below offer a good spread of interesting fishing opportunities, as an extra aside The Costa has surffered severe pollution in the last few years and is a shadow of its former self.

Mulberry Whin. 

It looks like this fishery is now in the process of  been turned into a private syndicate .  So check their website before visiting,
Poshest around here and of undoubted quality is Mulberry Whin.. A stunning section of a Northern Chalkstream High quality refined fishing but at some cost.   I have fished here a few times ,The quality of the river and the fish is superb,  The grayling fishing in the Autumn is amongst the best in the UK. Not cheap but good value.   Addenda I fished Mulberry on 18/11/17 with a friend.  I am afraid that on the day my impression was not good ,  the timber walkways to the top of the fishery are in a very bad state of repair and unsafe.  We fished all day and only saw one Grayling.  Now I know they can hide pretty well but for sure the once plentiful stocks of Grayling have tumbled.

At Scarborough Scalby Beck Angling club is a stream I fish regularly and can vouch for the value it offers.  It is a shortish spate stream that offers wild and stocked brown trout fishing. The stream also holds a small stock of grayling. The sea trout fishing is reserved for the members.  You can spend a full day here exploring the stream.  Waders are required and breathable chesties help you make the best of it.  Start on the beach near the sea life centre and fish up for a memorable mile of small stream fishing for wildies.  Watch out for the deep soft mud. Probably a stretch best fished if you are reasonably fit and be aware that dog walkers and picnickers can be an issue in summer. The beck fishes ever so well on an early summer morning.   Day tickets must be purchased in advance from the secretary via the website. The day tickets are in my opinion far to cheap.  There are ltd opportunities for membership available if you are interested then please contact the secretary via the web site.

River Esk.  Danby angling club.  The Danby Angling club offers exceptional value as season long membership is the same price as the average commercial water day ticket.  The river has Trout , Sea trout and Salmon. Visitors who choose to fish for Sea Trout etc must be in possession of the correct migratory fish license .  The Brown trout fishing is challenging and better in the first half of the season. There is also day ticket Sea trout and Salmon fishing from the Egton estate this is approx £50 per day this should be booked in advance.  This estate can offer superb fishing but the weather holds the key.  The Esk needs rain for the fish to run.  It shou,ld be noted that most local anglers agree that the Esk is a metal river , it responds best to the spinner. There are also a couple of free stretches on the Esk but when the fish are running you will be fishing in a crowd...There is a great page of information from an Esk regular here:

The York amalgamation of Anglers sell visitors tickets and there are some waters on there that offer some very nice fly fishing opportunites.  The sections of The Nidd between York And Harrogate are worth exploring: The River Rye at newsham bridge near Pickering is great for bait fishing for Autumn Grayling. You will have to buy the tickets in advance or from local outlets,  Barton Hill beck near Malton offers good early season small stream fly fishing.  The beck carries a good head of Chub  and  fair numbers of wild trout .  I would suggest trying hawthorns and klinks early season and the F fly will work all season long . The beck isnt fly fished much and most general patterns work well.  Later season the big chub go mad for the daddies...

Dalby Beck low Dalby, If you like a challenge and something different this little beck is fly fishing lilliput style.
The water is tiny but so is the price.  A 6ft fly rod and knee pads is whats required. Not for the faint hearted I grant you but immense fun.  Further info on this and others are on this link.

There various places on local streams where fly fishing for Grayling can be tried. The fishing is challenging but real surprises can be had,

Nearer York and Harrgate the Nidd can be fished on Day Tickets from Nidderdale AC

A little further afield towards the Dales The Wharfe , Ure and others offer superb fishing with Ltd day permit opportunity but an excellent site giving information is here:  Yorkshire Dales Fly fishing.

Also on the Wharfe Leeds ASA have a section at pool... Leeds ASA Pool

The cover is not a river I have fished but I am assured offers superb fishing,  The River Cover

Saltwater fly fishing. 

This is something that seems to be gaining popularity.  I have tried this myself in the past and would offer the following as advise as to suitable venues to start.  Please take careful note of tides and be aware that even on the calmest days waves can wash onto the rock edges.  Boots with studs are advisable on the slippery rocks.
Please leave instructions with people if you are going alone and take a mobile...

Hayburn Wyke

The rocks at the base of Hayburn wyke offer interesting opportunities, sea trout linger here near to the freshwater that enters the bay from the beck.

Blea Wyke
This is a mark for the very fit amongst you  due to the long climb down and up using the ropes that are staked there.and aso those who have a good head for heights.  It is a top mark for cod fishing and the rock ledges offer deep water close in. Pollack and mackeral are within fly casting distance in the summer.

Reighton and the holderness coast

The beachs here can offer opportunities for fly fishing for Bass , Depending on tidal conditions.

Any point where streams or dykes enter the sea will attract Sea trout ,  there are numbers of these caught every year by anglers chasing mackeral and bass to realise sea trout are a real possibility. 

If you want more information then please leave a comment I shall try to answer any questions.