Sunday, 19 February 2012

Riverfly Monitoring and Fishing benefits.

Just finished doing the monitoring on the two sites on our local beck.  This is something fairly new for me and can see it paying dividends in my fishing .This is a stream that I have known for very many years but even after two months I am getting a far greater understanding of what is in the beck and therefore what I should imitate.  For example I had not appreciated how many caseless caddis the river holds as the more visible cased variety had been more apparent.

A nymph that I thought I would see a lot more of in the stream  but has only put in an appearence with two individuals so far is the heptagenid  nymph.  This fellow appeared this month.  A lovely tasty mouthful for a trout .  But outnumbered 50 to 1 by the Baetis nymphs ....

I even took the net and tray and had a quick sampling session on another river I fish I couldnt beleive the numbers of a smallish tube cased caddis I found ,  I now have an artifical planned for them.  I can see the net is going to get a permanent place in the car boot..